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sorry to bring this up again pray but i'm just wondering why skinny girls are trying to victimize themselves? Im sorry you get called sticks and stuff and im not trying to say you can't be insecure but the point here is is that skinny girls don't face the hate bigger girls do. You don't get the sideways glances, the sniggers, the name calling, and the constant ridicule. Yeah someone will comment that you should eat more but bigger girls are told to starve themselves... (part 1)

(part 2) When you think of fat you think of ugly when you say skinny you think beautiful and healthy and attractive. When you go to porn sites or whatever you don’t see a Skinny section but you see a big girls section, where fat girls are stripped down to some kink or fetish pretty much dehumanization. When a skinny girl says she loves to eat shes “so relatable!” have a bigger girl say the same shes called disgusting. You can’t possibly tell me that skinny and fat shaming are the same, you can’t